A beta version of AuctionSiteWriter is now available.

The new Site Statistics form will partly replace Domain Dashboard. It will give the PageRank, Whois Dates, Indexed page Backlinks, Keyword tracking for each site. It's only available to registered users.

No documentation was added for the new feature. However, a 6 minutes Flash video is available on the server. Btw, You will hear for the first time my Quebecois accent when I speak in English. ;)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="597" caption="Click for a larger image"]Site Statistics[/caption]

AuctionSiteWriter vs Domain Dashboard

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, many can't afford, yet, the $97 for Domain Dashboard. Even if they don't do auction sites, AuctionSiteWriter($27) will be useful for them to track keywords for their niche sites.

What makes Domain Dashboard useful is that it will access your Cpanel thus gets access to the Awstats like visitors, all keywords, robots.... It also can create domains in batch mode. But you need to have a host that support Cpanel/WHM like my HostGator reseller account.

Now, AuctionSiteWriter can also track most of the external stats(PageRank, Indexed Pages, Backlinks, keyword ranking) thus it's independent of your host. I still got some sites with 1and1 so Domain Dashboard is useless with those sites.

Of course, I still recommend getting Domain Dashboard when you have the money for it and have a reseller account.  You might also want to create domains in batch, have more stats... Otherwise,  AuctionSiteWriter will be fine for most.

Whois/Search Engines

Whois servers and Search Engines don't like when you make too many access to their sites. They may block access to your IP.  Also, not every registrar write the date the same way thus complicating the extraction of the dates. Many will use the Whois Server Version 2.0 so that's what I check first. If I don't find the dates, I use another site but it also block your IP after a number of times. Too bad because the dates are always written the same way thus independent of the registrar.

Last word

Like I mentioned before, I decided to make the new feature available to registered users only. It's one way to show that buying AuctionSiteWriter is worth it and they made a good choice in getting it. I will add other options that's not "auction oriented" because I do  have a need for those features for my other sites too.

For now, the price is $27USD(free upgrades for life) but I will eventually have to increase the price with all those features being added. ;)

Note: Yesterday's was my 300th post.  I forgot mentioning it. :P
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