A few days ago, I created a MyBlogLog account but did not activated completely the plugin here at that time. My Wordpress and theme(default) were no compatible with widgets and I had to change a few things first. Note that Wordpress 2.2 is compatible with widget. This morning, after copying over sidebar.php, functions.php but I did take a backup of both files before. I was able to see the new plugin. At first, I lost everything I had setup on my sidebar. It's a drag and drop setup with almost no need to write code for the many widgets(post, page, search...). Once you setup the sidebar like you want, you can add a Text widget. The key was to add a Text widget and insert part of the html from my old sidebar. I added a few of them. Once you understand the concept, it's easy. The only thing I don't like so far is that I can't rename the widget. For example, I wanted "Publicity banners" instead of Text 2. Also, you should remove <li></li> but you can keep<br> and should be ok. I also lost the Most viewed post and did not found a way to bring it back. I did installed the latest version of that plugin. I will add new things later on. You can now join my new community. :D The other advantage is that people are more incline to click on the widget to visit you thus new traffic for you. Every little things help! ;)
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