It's just a quick post to tell everyone that AuctionSiteWriter v.2.0 is out. I did not finish the documentation( but soon) and it's in special for $22USD until October 31, 2008.

Since the last beta, I added more information in the Site Statistics . For example, I now show you the URL of your site where your keyword was found, the last time it was analyzed ...I added a Delay so that you IP won't be banned to easily by search engines.

I also added the site grouping feature in the Site Statistics. For example, you could group all your auction sites in Auction1, niche sites in Niche1, your public site in My Sites(default name)....

The keyword positions are saved from the main page. The keywords are not longer compatible with version 1.2.0b1.

Consider this: Domain Dashboard offer a lot of stats but you have to pay $97.  AuctionSiteWriter  cost less and offer most of the statistics so it's a good alternative until you can afford Domain Dashboard.

Btw, I'm considering increasing the price on November 1 or maybe the next version to $37 or $47.
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