The title almost says it all but... 80GB???? What a small hardware upgrade. You can pay the same price than the old 60GB kit and get 20GB more. Yes, you got a racing game MotorStorm with it. Big deal! I don't even care about that but my nephew would. What kind of move is this versus the XBox 360 Elite with it's 120GB. Some may forget about the Blu-Ray and focus more on the hard drive. Sony should get a third kit without any games but with a 120GB. The price should be around $600CAD for that kit. The bigger hard drive would be useful when they launch their streaming video service. All the HD movies will need a warm and cozy space. But I think they prefer that we get Blu-Ray movies/TV shows instead. ;) So, here in Canada, the 60GB is now $549CAD and the 80GB will be $659CAD(August).The upside is that if you want to buy a Blu-Ray player that can play games, the 60GB is a good price. Again, a bigger hard drive would had been nicer but they now offer the same 5 Blu-Ray Movies offered to U.S. costumers recently. With that offer, these 2 kits would be worth it. The only thing remaining is: Will the PS3 support the upcoming(Sept.) Blu-Ray standard? Does is do it now? Can a software update can fix this? P.S. The funny thing is that I wrote this post before I new of the 5 movie offer and even wrote that they should do that for Canada. Hmmmm! Did Sony seen my saved but not published post? I wonder.... Since the 60GB has been sold out and it's discontinued, getting a used one is the best option for you. Just select your country first. [phpbay]PLAYSTATION 3 PS3 60GB GAME CONSOLE SYSTEM, 6 [/phpbay] Other PS3 models: [phpbay]PLAYSTATION 3 PS3 GAME CONSOLE SYSTEM, 6 [/phpbay]
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