Nordiques Nation: 70 000 or 100 000 Fans?

While checking the stats on the number of fans, it seems(blog) that they are having a problem with the counter or someone hacked the site. Some are getting above 100 000 when they seemed to have 70 000 a few hours before.

But  the fact is that do have more than 50 000 fans in just  a few weeks. They also going to have 2 events in the coming months.

La marche Bleu, on October 2,  is a march to manifest their support for the return of NHL team in Quebec City and tell politician this is a good time to get the new arena. They have a report that was not made public but looking good for a new arena since Quebec city could be a contender to have the Olympics thus a modern arena will be a must anyway.

The second is an "invasion" of the Nordiques Nation fans(8+ bus)  in Islander Country to see a Trashers(Atlanta) match on December 11 in New-York.  Like Scott emailed, it's not well received by Islander Country fans. Of course, if they seemed threaten by a possible move of either team, it could be their chance to show fans support to their current owners that they want to keep their teams in their cities.

It's only a beginning ...

Future collected items?

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[phpbay]Islanders, 6[/phpbay]
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Nice article Mcgrath thnaks for good sharing. İnformation post I think.


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