I was contacted by Nathan Kaiser from nPost and he gave me information about the site. He is a wise man because he is reading my blog. :D What is nPost.com? It's a niche tech sector(it's Steve's Tech Blog after all) job board bringing jobs seekers and small- to medium-sized startups. Startups seek individuals who want to help build, grow, and create something new and dynamic. It is small for now but the jobs are all over the U.S. Other aspects One thing that I found interesting was the interview section. There, you will be able to read what entrepreneurs(i.e. Feedburner.com, Answers.com...) did when creating their startup. It's worth a read. They are also hosting events in Seattle, Vancouver and Portland. They, however, looking to expand to other cities. Btw, The "n" is for networking and events are good for that. ;) I'm not hiring but maybe one of you may find it interesting. What do you think? P.S. I was not paid for this.
Keywords: Business, Entrepreneurship, Technology