Official Alexa Toolbar for Firefox is out!

I have been using the Alexa Toolbar (Internet Explorer) and SearchStatus (Firefox) for a few months. But now, an official Alexa Toolbar for Firefox called Sparky is now available. Heeeere is Sparky! Alexa Sparky This is important for site owners because it will greatly help in getting a better Alexa ranking. The lower the number, the more money site owners can get from advertisers. Now, I just need visitors to installed Sparky. I will still use SearchStatus (Firefox) because it give more information(Who is, Google PageRank...) but I did installed Sparky to make sure that my visits are counted on my sites and on other owner's sites that I go to. The new toolbar will show a traffic trend that SearchStatus did not do without using more space. Depending on the type of sites, this will help greatly in improving the ranking. For example: (Site, Firefox, Internet Explorer). The numbers are for July 2007 Steve's Tech Blog (81.44%, 15.74%) (32.52%, 62.62%) (39.72%, 52.37%) M.I.S. (37.08%, 55.29%) (64.37%, 33.33%) Experimental site (34.25%, 56.78%) Firefox is mainly use on 2 blogs. Steve's Tech Blog is where an improvement should be the greater. If you want to help site owners(like me) and get information about a site, then go installed Sparky! The installation of Sparky is fast, simple and free. You will need to restart Firefox after that.
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[...] « Official Alexa Toolbar for Firefox is out! [...]

[...] Tech Blog (81.44%, 15.74%) (32.52%, 62.62%) (39.72%, 52.37%) M.I.S. (37.08%, 55.29%) (64.37%, 33.33%) [...]


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