Offline Promotions With 250 Free Business Cards Part 2

In part 1, I created my 250 free business cards and I had to wait to see the cards. I finally received my 250 free business cards. They were ordered on December 6, shipped on the 22 and I received them on the 27. Of course, with the holidays, it took a few more days. I also picked the lowest price for shipping thus taking more time but saving on the shipping(only cost). I scanned them(been a while I used my scanner) for you at 300dpi and color. Below, it's the smaller versions of the front(400 x 244) and back(400 x 216). Please, don't mind the orientation of the card. If you click on each one, you will have a bigger version of the front(2128 x 1300) and back(2208 x 1192). Front As you can see, I used a simple template for the card. If your blog has a logo/character that represent it, then you could add it by making a custom card. In mine, I did not but I added most of my current sites. VistaPrint Front Back The back has enough room to write another site, email or phone number. VistaPrint Back Conclusion If you start giving them away, it's a cost of 2.78 cents per business card if shipped to Canada. It will be less if it is shipped within the US, UK or AU. Overall, it's a very cheap way to do offline promotions with 250 free business cards. Plus, you may get visitors to your other sites if you add more than one site like I did. People may give it or email your site to others thus gaining indirect visitors from just 1 card. Now, if you take the 500 free business cards for $7.99, the cost would be 1.59 cents per business card. Now, go make those 250 free business cards for your blog and give them away! :D Click here: 250 Free Business Cards CA 250 Free Business Cards US 250 Free Business Cards UK 250 Free Business Cards AU Edit 1: I added Canada.
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