Opinion: Google Conquest Scam?

Today, I'm sure a lot of you will be bombarded by Google Conquest emails. I already got 2 email within minutes. I looked at the video in the previous days before the launch and I do understand what they are doing.  Plus, the process is supposed to be very automated.

But here is the catch: Google Conquest is $997 and limited to 1000 members(not mentioned). Alex Goad invested $200 000 and will make 1 million if all spots are sold minus the commissions(50% ?). That's not a bad profit margin and, after all, he did took a chance to build is system.

He and his team limited it to 1000 because they are planning to offer a 60 day challenge later. You do the "task of the day" and they will check it. That's a lot of work/time and his team must be paid.

They also want to build a community which is not a bad thing.

My reservation

Getting backlinks is not a fun thing to do but that's what get you paid. Google Conquest offer it's own blog network for you to get those backlinks. That's it force and also it's weakness. That's where I have my biggest reservation. Alex Goad will say that's okay but I don't agree with him. At it's core, it's still a link farm and Google don't like any kind of link farms.

I mentioning this because Google might find it and penalized the whole farm. If you have made your $997 back before that, you are okay. But if you did not, you may have bought into a lame duck.

Since Alex Goad won't ask for any more money, you should hope he can afford to build another link farm fast.

Of course, it's not the only way for you to get backlinks. You will still have Yahoo, MSN traffic thus will might take much longer if that happens.

My suggestion

If the price would had been much much  lower,  I'm sure he would sell more. Plus, not everyone will be interested in the 60 day challenge. The challenge could be included in the "Take me by the hand" premium version.

Others might just want to have access to the blog network even if it's a risk. Heck, they may even have to make one blog available to add to the whole network to get in like Syndicate Kahuna(free/paid).


Don't get me wrong, Google Conquest look nice on virtual paper and might work. I don't consider it a scam but a risk. In my opinion, it's too much money because of the risk of being penalize before most people have time to earn their $997 back. Not everyone can do this all day long.

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