Review: Stay Away From Syndicate Kahuna If...

you are a blogger who update your blog regularly like a flagship blog.

You will notice that I used Opinion in my title and not Review. I want to make sure that bloggers understand that I did not join. I finally join.

I got an email inviting me to join Syndicate Kahuna(pre-launch) by "sneaking the back door". The email was sent to John Cow readers and Comment Kahuna user. I since stopped using Comment Kahuna for Fast Blog Finder(free/paid).

Syndicate Kahuna is the new member in the Traffic Kahuna(Paid) and Comment Kahuna(Free) family.  I was intrigue but wanted to know more before joining. I'm glad I did read the FAQ first.

What is Syndicate Kahuna?

In short, you will be posting third party content on your blog. Think of it has having guest posters that will deliver fresh content on your blog. For now, it's only for English and WordPress blogs.

The plus side for bloggers

If you don't know what subject to write about, this "free" service could be a good place to get content. After reading the FAQ, Syndicate Kahuna has a system in place so that your blog does not become too spammy by checking the post first.

Yes, you do get new content and possibility something else: the post might trigger an ad that readers might decide to click on it. You can edit the post and add an ad in it.

The quality of your blog will be important before being accepted in the network.

The plus side for marketers(advertisers)

For marketers, it's a new source to get anchor links thus increasing their ranking by getting access to quality blogs that Google already like.

To maintain a quality system, Syndicate Kahuna will charge marketers and this should lower spam content.  Also, the content should be rewritten by the marketer to get pass the duplicate content penalty or the article will be posted to 4 blogs only. You can "spin" it to offer more variation of the same article. It's manually based to be readable. I got great results too.

Of course, Traffic Kahuna members will use this too.

Since marketers will use blogs outside of their current network, they will get a fresh new batch of IP and C-Class. That's the real goal here for them. For example, if Google only see the same anchor links coming from only one IP/C-Class, this could/would trigger an alarm for the Big G. Okay, it's only an extreme example but you get my point.  But by having those new IP/C-Class, the marketer get a lesser risk of being flag for link building. If they get buying visitors, then that's a plus for them too.

Of course, a marketer could submit for free to article directories but this way, they are sure to get posted in a shorter time.


On Nov. 27, 2008,  I changed my opinion to review and I registered to Syndicate Kahuna(paid version too). I have a blog that I don't update that much anyway and will use it for a test(free part).

P.S. When I installed the script, it gave me an error about a ZEND optimizer not being installed. The server was updated recently and it was the cause. I was not Syndicate Kahuna fault in this case but my host.
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So Steve,

I think its good idea..inbound links from different blogs are great..Why you dont like their service ? Im thinking to subscribe it.


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