Recruiting Bloggers, Advertising And Better Affiliates Program

Some news about 1 Cool File Recruiting Bloggers I need real bloggers for the Blog Directory category before I can promote it to advertiser. By buying a blog package(starting at only $2.50/year), not only it will help you to be found by advertisers/visitors but you also save money if you are doing direct paid reviews/advertisement. The Blog Directory has over 150 categories and your blog can be in a few categories at the same time. I will verify every new blog for content. I added the affiliates program(see below for the modification) so that you can also earn money. Remember that 1 Cool file is not just a blog directory. You can find files(freewares, sharewares, plugins, themes, games) for your blogs or sites. Is your blog worth $2.50? Lowered price on advertising I decided to cut by 50% the advertising on 1 Cool File. Even if it's a PR6 site, I will use the nofollow. Otherwise, I would had charge much more instead. ;) In October, I had an average of 260 unique visitors per day(7800/month). I point to that because I received most of my new visitors from Google. It also means that they won't have seen your ad before on 1 Cool File. In November, it's already up to 310 unique visitors per day(9300/month). I also expect it to increase even more because of the affiliates program. For example, you can now get a footer text link for only $5/month. It is seen on all pages. You can get a header text link for just $10/month. Better affiliates program Also this morning, I modified the affiliates program so that my fellow bloggers can make even more money. It is a recurring commissions year after year. Now, it's a much better deal for you. If you are a platinum member, you only need 3 Platinum Memberships(old or new) per year to get yours free. That's without counting the other commissions and referral under you. You can also earn commissions with the other blog packages. This is the kind of passive income I like the most. :D Because I'm a nice guy, use this limited coupon(SP-50) to save 50% on your first year of Platinum Membership or other packages. Only 100 coupons available. Are you ready to join me? Have any questions?
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