Yes, it took me a lot more time than expected but I'm relaunching See Free Movies Legally. I rewritten the ebook to version 2.0. I have gone from 9 pages to 26 pages. Instead of making it free like before, I'm using an affiliate script. So, people who buy it can make money by reselling it thus one of my goal when I first launched it. You can now get 75% commission. The price is very low thus affordable to most.

The affiliate program

Here is how the affiliate script works: 3 out 4 sales will go directly in your PayPal account. The 4th will go in my account. So, you don't need to wait 30 days to get paid and I don't need to mess with payments after the end of the month. One other aspect is that the affiliate script had most of the secondary text written for me. Also, it's being used my many to sell their own ebook or software. Too bad I did not know about it back then. I also added an eCover to make it look more professional.

Why not make it free like before?

I estimated that people did not do nothing based on result since I launched the site and the free ebook(1.x). This way, people will have an incentive to use the method plus make money by reselling it. Will you buy it and resell it? Edit 2008-08-19: I have problem with the script so I'm will be using another host instead. I think 1and1 don't like the affiliate script even if I changed to a SSL package. The transaction was being done in PayPal but I got a fraud report since PayPal tried to use the https during the process but could not. so, I have the sale email but it's not recorded in the ipn.txt.  I saw that GoDaddy has the same trouble and I tried the work around without success. 1and1 is still cheaper when buying a domain name and I hope I don't have more problem since I'm changing the DNS again 2 days in a row. Btw, the host has 20% off at this moment so I bought another reseller to move See Free Movies Legally now and other sites to it later on. This will depend on the bandwidth the ebook use per month.
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