Removing Zlob Trojan (page for safety, secure invites, web pages updates...)

What is Zlob Trojan?  It's one nasty virus that install malware at the same time like pageforsafety, secureinvites, webpagesupdates...and many more from what I can read.  It looks like what smitfraud-c did with virus heat on my father's computer  a month ago. How I was introduced to Zlob? A friend of the my father was  infected with the  Zlob Trojan.  Knowing that a knew about computers, I tried to help him over the phone. Solution Unfortunately for some reasons, what I did last month on my dad's computer did not help him on his computer. I recommended that he bought PC Tools Spyware Doctor(download, 3 PCs) or  PC Tools Spyware Doctor(Box) from With the latter, he would had saved money but he would have to be patient while he waited for the box. He bought and downloaded the software instead(faster). He called me back to say that Zlob was cleanup. I said to him to shutdown the computer, open it again and redo a second scan. Conclusion I will recommend PC Tools Spyware Doctor(download, 3 PCs). Yes, it will cost some money but think about the time saved. If you go in the computer shop, what do you think they will use? That's right, a spyware remover and you still won't be safer.  You can still install other free spyware like Spybot(free) and AVG free(anti-virus)  as backup because none can detect 100%.  Just buy it and take the time to update all of them.
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