Review: 10 000 visitors to your site for only $9.95! Part 2

It did took a long time but it just ended. In Review: 10 000 visitors to your site for only $9.95!, I had noticed that I did not received all the traffic I should had. I decided to let it run it's course. In that time, I changed domains 3 times but I did a redirection so that I would not loose too much traffic but it's not enough to make a difference in the numbers below. Show me some numbers The campaign started on June 7 and ended late on August 26. I often got groups of 1-5 at a time/per hour spread across the day. Sometimes, an hour was skip with no referral. During the course of the campaign, I had to stop it a few days. But in the last few days, they stepped up the campaign to finished it and thus I received more traffic than usual. Old sub-domain: 626 14 This domain: 391 For a total of 1031 visitors. Those are based on the Google Analytics numbers. According to my host own numbers, I got 5369 for all 3 domains put together. It's far from the claimed 10 000. My verdict Simple, don't buy none targeted traffic to your site. It only inflate your real numbers. Like I mentioned in part 1, this method could be used to increase traffic before selling a site by using a few service like that. So, buyer beware and check the source of the traffic!
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Finally I get to comment ;)

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I would stay away from any of these traffic generators..


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