Review: Auto Mass Traffic or get RTM?

Yes, I'm doing a review of Auto Mass Traffic(aff.) and even bought it despite the hype! At first, I was thinking it was about list building because of the things not mentioned on the salespage.

But, it's about basic PPV(Pay per view) targeted traffic plus a software for it. That was the software that intrigued me too.

For me, it was a basic(PDF) rehash of RMT(same guys) that I bought and reviewed a few months ago plus a software that I mentioned earlier. I did not take any upsells since I wanted the basic package first.

Do read my earlier review because I believed that PPV is one way to get cheap targeted to my money sites. Heck, I'm still using the same service since March. With Auto Mass Traffic, it's another service that demand a lesser deposit($100 vs $200).


Now, the software is web based so you will need to login to use it. It's very basic because you just need to enter a few keywords and it will show the URLs(paid,organic)  from (Google, Bing, Yahoo) that you can enter into the PPV service.


In the end, I would recommend Auto Mass Traffic if:

1. You want to try your end at PPV before jumping into PPC(Pay per click).

2. You want to pay for traffic like $0.015/view. I'm using EPN and they pay me about $0.30-0.40/click. So, I'm sending that cheaper traffic that do click and buy on my money sites. Even if a 1 visitor out of 10 click once on an item, they will click a few times more or not once on eBay. In the end, its cheap and targeted. ;)

3. You have an already good converting money site thus want to increase the targeted traffic to it. At least, you will pay less since most will click/buy.

So you have it:  Auto Mass Traffic(very basic(pdf), cheap) or RTM(more advanced/videos,cost more). I won't ask for a refund since I learned a few alternative ways to my current service. Plus, I have access to a software that I could had program myself(time I don't want to take).

At least, it's not a scam but they do show the, arggg, 500 copies limit. It's manually update once a day. Let's see tomorrow if the price do increase and the copies sold remained the same for Auto Mass Traffic!
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Do read my earlier review because I believed that PPV is one way to get cheap targeted to my money sites. :/


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