Review: “Blast your ads” to x Millions

I was receiving, like everybody else, this type of offer every day but one more than the others. So, I decided to review it and see what amount of traffic I could get. I also wanted:
  • Very low cost (less than $50). It was $49.95USD in special
  • 100% Double Opt-In
  • Can-Spam Act compliant
  • Don't use my server to send email
And I found it in that one. So, this is what happen I paid and my credit card was charge right away and I received a email with a login and password. This was use to enter the first level. Once there(another site), I was required to create a new member account. Of course, when going to that page, I was welcome with a pop up ad that scrolled when I wanted to login in the member area(bottom of the page). So far, it was not that bad but it was annoying. I was able to write simple text ad. The URLs were interpreted but I did not know that(no F.A.Q.) and I included HTML code(looked weird). I know that because I received mine and the ads from the other members. I started receiving between 150-200 messages a day. It was easy to filter out because the sender was the same. If someone wants to be removed, they must do it from each member ad and not in a global manner. :( The service allowed me to send 2 ads per day. I use them with a subject line that might caught someone eyes. After 3 days, I did not noticed any rise in traffic. So to make sure, I created over a few days a test subject line(****** TESTING #1 IF IT WORKS AT ALL!!!!!! ************) and a landing page specially for that. I did include my free software/visit my blog message in it just in case. I also waited that I had received the others ads before sending mine to get more chance of being seen. What was the result? My service was for 50 Millions clients. I was expecting 1%(500 000) would see and open my ad. Of that, I was expecting 1%(5 000) to go to my page. I only got 1 visitor to the landing page and not augmentation in traffic. The kind of ads were: blast ads, make money, get traffic, work home... I must had been the first one offering something for free(i.e. my freeware). :D This service was not for me or my product/blog. What did I do next? With this kind of result, I asked for a full refund that I received today. Of course, it took more time to get it. The special price was always in special ending the same day or extended every day ;) Conclusion I would had like to get my freeware better known or get more traffic with this experiment but it did not happen. :( You will noticed that I did not mentioned the site anywhere. I did so because I could have created my own affiliate site with 100% profits back to me. This let me believe that all the services like that are from the same few sources. I'm still receiving ads from the other members and will asked to be removed. Like my refund, it can take some time. ;) Update: I was fully refunded after a few days(lost $1-2 because of exchange rate) and don't get ads anymore.
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