Review: Buying Expired Domain Traffic

Recently, I bought 5000 visitors from an expired domains traffic seller. I paid $10 but he gave me 10000 instead because he was sure of the quality of his traffic. I had already email him a week before but he was not able to handle my traffic at that time. The same day he contacted me, I had just read an article that mentioned expired domains traffic. His normal price is $20 for 5000 visitors. That price was higher than the one I reviewed last summer which was 10000 visitors for $9.95. I wanted to see if expired domains traffic would had resulted in Adsense clicks or at least get some of my money back. The seller was very helpful because I was able to change 2 times the destination. The first test was done with 1200 visitors to one of my brand new niche blog. It was just created and so, no traffic existed yet for it. Plus, I did not have time to put any articles. So, I added 3 articles from an article directory and pointed the targeted traffic to one of them. I got 94 unique(Google Analytics) visitors and they stayed 4 seconds. I got 0 clicks. The second test was with another niche blog(very different) that has much more content. I tried with another 1000 visitors. I got 0 clicks again, 129 unique and they stayed 5 seconds. I decided to go for broke and tried the last 7 800 visitors a few days later on the second blog and still used the same URL. I got 0 clicks, 633 unique and they stayed 31 seconds. All 7800 of them arrived on the same day unlike the other times where it was spread out on a few days. Does it take 100k visitors to get a few clicks or ROI(return on investment)? At least John Cow seemed to had better results than me. ;)
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