Review: Choose Income

I decided to buy Choose Income out of curiosity and see if this could be perfect for new comers in Internet marketing.

Heck, it's a stay at home mom and the video was "good" enough to make me a buyer. Yes, it has the "Wow!!! $500/day!"  but I'm used by this type of claims. But it was Bonus 1 that offered $100/day that was more in the realm of the possible.

Well! I frankly did not have the time to test the main method out on a project(French based) that take most of my time but I did took time to read it. Btw, you can get $10 off by exiting the salespage but you only get the Bonus 1. I was tempted at first but decided to buy the regular package to get the Bonus 2. Like most of the time, I did not take the OTO (One Time Offer) since after reading the offer, I don't think it was worth it for me.

The Bonus 1 is only available to Americans thus leaving me out since I'm Canadian. There are alternatives for foreigners but the Americans will get paid very easy with this method. Just for that Bonus 1, I recommend it. It's so simple for many and do not require money.

Note:  And if you want to make more money with that method in less time, just send me your receipt number/date of purchase IF you do buy from me. Too bad I can't use it myself but I can at least let others profit from it. Anyway, I will show you how to do it. Don't worry, it's legal, simple but will cost you money to apply it. Yes, time is money!

Now, I won't tell you the main method but the method is sound if you stay with an English subject. It's made of PDFs and videos that are well done. Like I said, the French subject I was planing to use it on would not pay that much. It's sad but that's life. Yes, it's possible to get $500/day by rinsing and repeating ... over time.

Once you have reach the level you want with the main method, use methods included in the Bonus 2. I'm glad I did buy the regular package with both bonuses.

Ironically, Bonus 1 is worth it on it's own if you are an American. Click the banner below or click to buy it.

To your success in 2012!

P.S. This is my 400th post in my blog.

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Some companies do their reviews in November and December and release the information in January and hopefully with a pay increase or bonus. lol


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