Since I needed to make professional but cheap Photoshop eCovers for AuctionSiteWriter and for another upcoming projects, I recently bought eCovers Unleashed.

What is eCovers Unleashed?

eCovers Unleashed is an action script that will automate the creation of the eCover.

I paid $47USD for eCovers Unleashed but I did not own Photoshop. So, I downloaded(464MB) the 30 day trial period of Photoshop to see if it would work. I must mentioned that I never used Photoshop before so I'm a complete new user to it. I'm more of a matchstick kind of guy but you can see what I was able to do within a few hours(including the download time) using eCovers Unleashed.


Not bad for matchstick artist. ;)

Are you new to covers?

If you are new to Photoshop or eCovers Unleashed like I was, I should mentioned a few things: They included 2 videos to make it simple but I was not able to see it until I downloaded the video codec from Techsmith. I don't like download third party video codecs(virus risks) but I knew of them. They had used Camtasia to record the videos. Otherwise, you only hear the audio track. The installation video is very simple. The first part is about the installation itself and the second part is on how to install the action script in Photoshop. I was glad they did that part. The second video show you how to run the action script. That was very important to me. eCovers Unleashed included 8 eCovers(2 Box, CD, DVD, 3 eBook, and 1 eZine). In my case, I used the Box 1 to create the above eCover for AuctionSiteWriter. Once I loaded Box 1(red background), I started to change the text on the layer box but you must double click on the "T" like here below. Otherwise, it's only the name of the layer that is changed. AuctionSiteWriter When you do that, you will be able to edit the text on the graphic part. Otherwise, it's only the name of the layer that is changed. The texts(graphic) and the layer names are the same thus confused me at first. After I did some simple test, I added the screenshot of ASW in a new layer and changed the background to green.


Once you get used to Photoshop(mostly the layer part), you will find that eCovers Unleashed($47USD) does not cost that much after all to get yourself professional looking ecovers. I saw other solutions costing $67 and even $97. So, It's on the low end of the pricing. Plus, if you buy the $7 dollars secrets, you owe yourself to get eCovers Unleashed since you will need it for that too(my second project). Later, paying for Photoshop will not be a problem if you needed too. ;)
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