Today, you might had noticed the Free Traffic Bar banner I put on the site. I started to play with it to see how I could use it to get free traffic to MyStarterBlog. Since I use my browser all day long, why not drive free traffic at the same time?

What is it?

The idea is simple: You install a plugin(Firefox, IE) that will show me a small toolbar ad in my browser. When I browse in Firefox, I earn credits that will show my own ads to others too. Now, I do expect the CTR(click trough  rates) to be low but would expect the conversion to buying MSB a little higher.

At this time, they have 45236 members. I'm guessing that a lot are Internet marketers but you can select the type of ads your want to be shown. This way, the ads are more targeted.  Plus, social bloggers could use that to their advantage by showing non money ads to be different. ;)

Free vs Paid

The free version offer limited options unlike the paid version where you get a lot in return like free monthly credit, more ads, discount on ads....

I recommend that people try the free version first to see if they like it or not. After a few months you should reevaluate how much traffic you gained.

The one time offer

But if you have the money to spare, you should consider the first one time offer. It's not cheap since it's $297 but does offer 1 million credits, 25000/credits each month after that and more. I did not think about it so it's too late for me. But, I can still upgrade later but with 500 000 credits and lose some of the exclusive.

Here is how it can pay out for you if you buy the 1 Million credits.

You sell a $7 ebook.  If .001% of the 45000 buys your ebook, the one time offer would pay for itself.

45 x $7 = $315

I can be wrong but the 1 million credits would show your ad more often than not in front of users.

Btw, they do offer other lower monthly plans: $3.99, $9.99, $19.99.


In my case, my ad for MyStarterBlog is being shown to "Web Site Management::Content Management Systems/Blogs" only. If I can make a few sales just for browiing, I don't have any problem with that. :D

Watch the video and download the Free Traffic Bar.

P.S. I made this post Part 1 because I expect to make an updated post later on.
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