Review: Is CB Wealth Formula Really Worth It?

The sales page was good enough that I bought CB Wealth Formula to make a review of it. Besides, the price was within what I was prepare to pay for that famous next "magic bullet" on auto-pilot. Yeah right!

Don't get me wrong, it was not the claims of making a huge amount of money monthly like most courses do but the modules about generating traffic that intrigue me the most. I had already reviewed one solution that is working good for me so adding another one made cents ... oops sense.


They will also try to upsell you with limited offer but I did not take them. I just wanted the base course fro my review anyway. Of course, you can always buy them if you want and I almost did but declined the offers.


The CB is for Clickbank but it can be used with other affiliate networks. It's the same basic methods being used for them too. I did learned a few things about getting the best offers out of Clickbank.

The 10 modules

The base information is in 10 modules like you can see below.

Module 1: Starting In 3 Days
Module 2: The Mechanics
Module 3: Picking The Power Niche
Module 4: The Fast Website Process
Module 5: Creating a Sales Machine
Module 7: Use Words To Sell!
Module 6: Lock & Load - Make $$
Module 8: Making $15,000 in 24
Module 9: Starting Massive Traffic
Module 10: Instant 238% Increase

Bonus #1: 8 Steps To Article Marketing Powerhouse!(9 pdfs)
Bonus #2: How I Made $356,000 In 10 Hours From YouTube(1h10 video)
Bonus #3: Getting Clicks For As Low As 1 Penny a Click!

I expected to read a lot but instead, the course is made of 53 short videos(2 to 25 minutes) in a Powerpoint style video. I can say that it makes the value and information of the course worth it just for that.

Of course, I knew many things but I still learned a few new things/tips also. Some of it are things that I did not put into action yet and knew I should had: My bad :( .

I started with module 1-6 and like I mentioned before, I learned a few things while viewing it and others ways to do things. The bonus #3 was not available so I decided to skip ahead and to start watching the 10 videos of module 9. Yes, I watched the others too after.

Relying Too Much On Google?

But after watching the videos, I started to use that methods because you can't rely on Google only traffic. I which I could but I learned it the hard way in the last 2-3 months. My traffic was rising and then ... it dropped like a shoe out of the window and so as my revenues.

So, having other sources of traffic is key to make money online and you learn how. Diversification of income and now.... traffic are what I do. I won't say bye bye to Google but I find other ways so not to rely too much on Google.


So for me, I think it's a great way for newbies to learn about Internet Marketing thus I recommend CB Wealth Formula not for it's claims but for the knowledge it gives you. Heck, I did learn from it myself.
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