Since I just released MIS Info Video v2.6.0(free media player) and Info2MIS v2.0.0b12(free, create .MIS), I wanted to take some time to see how I could get more traffic to my site and get ideas on making a little money from both my 2 freeware and my blog. Money don't grow on trees and other cost come into play even on freeware! Like it's often the case when searching on the Internet, I stumble on John Chow dot Com blog. It has many ideas on how to make money online and, by making this review of his blog, he will link back to my blog and send me a ton of traffic. :D What I like about is blog is the graphic showing how much he made each month since he started making money since Sept. 2006. In April 2007 alone, he made $11,702.66. Of course, he has many sources of revenue with ReviewME being the biggest source($4500) for that month. It does gave you a sense of what could be done when you reach a PR6(Page Rank) on Google. My 2 sites just went from a PR2 to PR3 since I started mass submission of MIS Info Video back in February to freeware/shareware sites. Some of the articles are very informative and I very like the way it's written. I also like that he gives tips for first time bloggers looking at making some money. While writing this review, I was often sidetrack by reading older post. ;) Starting today, it is in my favorites groups. You know the group of bookmarks you open with Firefox. I don't add to it often but I will make a exception in this case ! Plus, I can always need new tips.
Keywords: Freeware, Info2MIS, Internet, MIS Info Video, Review