I never took the time to really write about PayPerPost since I got in. I only took 1 $5 review for a trial run and the review was worth more than that. I can say that the advertiser got more than he bargain for. ;) But, I consider myself a newbie for PayPerPost but not for the ideal of paid reviews. Of course, I was missing the $20.00 they were giving me just to write a review. PayPerPost change much and will in the future and that's a fact. Okay, some may have lost their Google PageRank recently and it's a real shame for bloggers or posties. Tomorrow, I will tell you how you can do paid reviews without losing your PageRank. I hope more people start doing paid reviews again after reading that. Back PayPerPost now Once you login, you see the Blogger Dashboard. There, you will some of your information, Featured opportunities, Big Green(more money), Top earners($18 382.74 by Colleen), Blog of the day and the PayPerPost Blog(news title). You will need to add your blog and you will then have access to many tools(banners) for your blog. Opportunities knocking You can see all the Open Opportunities. Unfortunately, many opportunities are more for low ranking blogs. You can also filter them to see what you can do and so, you will have many $5 opportunities if your blog is new. It's not much but if you do a few every month, it could make a nice little extra. :D For smaller opportunities, it's often a small startup sites or another blogger that want some honest feedback. They may have $100 and went with 20 opportunities to drive traffic. Don't get me wrong, the Big Green showed a $235 opportunity. So, they do exist but you need a high ranking blog. What's my share? They will take 35% of each opportunity or 10% is you do a PPPDirect. To rank or not to rank PayPerPost used to use the PageRank as one of the variables to calculate the ranking. But now, new opportunities are using RealRank instead. You will need to add some code to calculate the number of visitors to your site and pageviews. The last is the amount of ACTIVE inbound links per day. Hopefully, it should help new blogs that may gain a surge in visitors and won't have to wait 3 months for Google to update PageRank. Support me Last August, I moved from stevesblogen.i2mfan.com to mcgrath.ca. I email them and they moved my information to the new domain. It needed 2 emails to make it work. The second email was that I had change the blog name from Steve's Tech Blog to McGrath Dot Ca. So, it was not a big deal. Conclusion Yes, you can make an easy $20 for writing a post like this. I know, I know, I went well over the minimum 200 words. I'm not against paid reviews and with the recent change at PayPerPost, you will be able to be Google friendly if you want. But only do opportunities related to your blog. You should register on PayPerPost if you want to take a closer look and decide for yourself!
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