Review: StumbleUpon Advertising Part 2

Last month, I did Review: StumbleUpon Advertising. I did it only with one campaign with a link to the main page of my old blog. In part 2, I went with $25(500 visitors) and 4 campaigns at the same time. A note to advertisers Start your new campaign during the day and early. When I submitted my new campaigns, it was late on Friday(22h12). It only started on Monday. They don't approve them during the weekend. Some were rejected and that gave me the ideal to target new groups. Also, I had checked 2 groups and it was considered 2 campaign. Back to the campaigns This time around, I made 3 campaign targeting different groups for 1 Cool File and 1 campaign for a specific Linux blog post. Group 1: weblogs The goal was to show them the new Blog Directory within 1 Cool File and if they are authors of themes/plugins, to submit their files also. Result: 1.8% liked versus 0% disliked. 168 visitors Group 2: Shareware The goal was to show them 1 Cool File. Result: 6% liked versus 0% disliked. 83 visitors Group 3: Open-source The goal was to show them 1 Cool File. I was targeting Freeware but it does not exist so I took that one instead. Result: 0% liked versus 1.2% disliked. 83 visitors Group 4: Linux The goal was to show a specific post and thus, create a debate: How Linux could be accepted by the mainstream. Is the Linux community ready? Result: 0.6% liked versus 1.2% disliked. 166 visitors With this numbers or should I say tiny sample, I feel if that trend continued, that they are not ready yet. It's too bad because they will be the back room operating system for more years. Also, I did not have a comment about it on my blog. Final result The site 1 Cool File has a feedback of 90% and only 33% for the specific Linux post. None got a review by stumblers. Stumblers don't click on ads and it's too bad for a ROI on a campaign. They also don't vote enough on paid campaign. One reason I wanted to try it again was that my blog The Contest Winner was StumbleUpon last week and got 182 visitors in the same day. It also had 2 reviews by stumblers. Since, I still get a few stumblers each day. The irony is that it's the blog I'm using to participate in contests and it's not updated often. I still got the default theme on it. I only post easy contest like cut and paste ones. After that StumbleUpon, I accepted a non cut and paste contest because I was asked too. And no, I did not win anything yet. :( In any case, the seed is now planted.
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