Review: Zune Art site

If you have a Zune, I don't, and are looking for Zune wallpapers then get them on Zune Art.

The site

On first look, the site is very simple and I liked that. It's separated in 5 sections: Top(home, search, top rated ...), Category(3D art, Babes, Movies/TV shows...), Random files, Last additions and various links(About, Site maps...).

You pick a category and it will display the available wallpapers. You can sort them by Title, Filename, Date and by Position. Each sorting order could be done in ascending or descending.

You select a picture and you see it. You can have information(hidden by default) like size, dimension, views, rating... at the bottom. You can click on the picture and get a bigger one(Underworld 2) in it's own window but not on all of them(Underworld).

Some part of the sites(Legal notice, Terms and conditions when you register...) had very professional legal text.

The gallery is powered by Coppermine Photo Gallery


The images are uploaded by it's members and they must be 18 to register because some of the lovely images(Babes category) are not very suitable for young children. But, I did not see any nudity. A member can also comment and rate an image.

Note: I did not register to see what could be done.

Recommendations For Improvement

Of course, nothing is perfect and I will recommend a few things.


  • The advantages of becoming a member should be shown before
  • To attract more female members, a Hunk category could be added. This is only a suggestion and far from being an obligation
  • Adding a PayPal account if the site grows quickly to get donations from members
  • The Zune News link should be move at the top


Because it's using a third party gallery(open source), this may not be possible by the site owner(skills)

  • The top menu(home, login ...) should be with a bigger font
  • The search function URL could be used in an external third party tool like Info2MIS. I could searched if an image for a movie is available. (ex.;tt=on;nm=off;mx=99 )
  • The + and - , when sorting, could be replaced by up or down arrows
  • I had trouble seeing images in Internet Explorer(error on page) but was able with Firefox(another reason to use it ;) )


Google AdSense is use on Zune Art. The Google ads are situated at the top only. I would not mind seeing some ads at the left or right and that would be a good reminder. If the site begins to get more traffic, then it will help to pay for the site.


The site is small for now but will grow in time thus giving more choices for Zune users. Someone could also use Zune Art to get a movie or a TV show wallpaper even if they don't own a Zune .

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Thanks for the site! It's really interesting. :)

Yes, and more movies/tv cover would be great.


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