Like many, I will use Google to make a search but sometimes it failed because of too many results. Since I started blogging, I discovered something that I never taught of using before: Search blogs for opinions about a product or other things. A few years ago, blogging was just starting and thus lacking in content. Because many have a blog and the fact it's even easier now, all that content is more accessible. Now, I use to search for the latest about a product or other things. The great thing about it is that it's updated chronologically with the latest first and with a delay of just a few minutes. For example: Software: The latest version may add features and fixed bugs and thus you don't need to find out about bugs from 2 years ago. Of course, I will not make a judgment on just one review and I will likely be able to read a few more before making a decision. The reviews could come from a professional reviewer or an ordinary user. They may even complement each others because of their point of view. That's why I announce new versions of my freewares. Someone may link the post about a new version on their blog and thus I will be able to read a review from a user and use it to better my software. Movies: Yes, you can look up to other sites(non blog) about movie reviews. But with blogs, you may find someone that have the same taste of movies. Plus, reviews will be very fresh. Conclusion: Use your favorite search engine but be aware of other sources. :D If you decided to start your own blog to augment overall blog content after reading this, please do so because the more opinions, the better it is! Read this for a few pointers on starting a site. P.S. Sorry that I could not give more movie reviews since the last one. Since the closure of the Starcité theater, nobody took the slack for English movies. 300 is the only major movie available since then. And I don't want to see French(dubbed) version. At least, you can read my 300 review here. I just hope distributor will come back soon because my season of summer blockbusters is near! :D
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