See Free Movies Legally v3.0 is now available and it's bigger and better. Again, it took a bit longer than expected to update the report.

What's new without telling the content ;)

  • 37 pages versus 26 pages in v2

  • Better organized content

  • Added a family project chapter to show how to use the method

  • Added 4 new bonus chapters including Play Free Games(Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii...)

  • Now using Aweber to be able to offer a newsletter (more below).

  • Only buyers can resell the report

  • Affiliate get 100% commission

  • Free updates of the report

  • $10USD rebate on one of the tool

The Newsletter

With See Free Movies Legally, I asked buyers to subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog. I wanted to go the cheap way by saving money by not using an autoresponder like Aweber. Some did and I thank them for that. It was also a test since I like to think outside the box. :D

Last week, I decided to offer buyers updates of the report for free but could not do that via my RSS feed. I was then forced to email each buyer and send them to a special page to allow them to subscribe to the newsletter. I emailed them once because I did not want to be seen as a spammer by my ISP and them.

For that, I first needed an autoresponder.

Mini-review: Aweber

I researched many autoresponders but found that Aweber had the best reputation and features. The downside is that it cost more than others. The upside is that they have more features that will be interesting to bloggers like increasing the RSS Feed count. Also, Aweber was found to deliver more emails in your subscribers inbox. That's more important than the price.

When you register for the free trial on Aweber, you will have to pay in advance. At first, I did not like that but they had a good argument: spammers would use the free trial, spam like no tomorrow and then close the account. By asking to be paid first, it put a stop to that method. If you don't like Aweber, then you can just cancel it.

After that, it was easy to create my first subscription form to collect names before I emailed the older buyers.

Why not use a free autoresponder?

With free autoresponders, it's your host that can think you are a spammer since it's installed on your server. For a small list(few hundreds), it's a free option.  But if your list becomes bigger, your email might not be delivered to subscribers or worst be flagged as a spammer. I did not want that headache since my list is growing every day. ;)

My only problem is for new and old buyers to subscribe to the newsletter. If they don't, it's their lost. Plus, I can't force them.

I will give a few days for those that I emailed to subscribe before I can send my first newsletter about See Free Movies Legally v3.0 using Aweber.
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