ShoppingAds: A new AdSense Alternative?

MediaWhiz(Text Link Ads) launch a CPC(cost per click) alternative  like AdSense and it's called ShoppingAds. However, the ads are not contextual like AdSense. You will need to add a keywords or use the most popular option for it to show you the ads. On first look, it's has the same feel as AuctionAds. ShoppingAds Get Code They said that the average click is worth $0.20 when I joined the beta. During that period, my average was $0.15 with a few $0.03 clicks. The good
  • $50 minimum earned to get paid via PayPal. You don't have to wait the $100 like AdSense
  • There is no limit on the number of ads per page
  • The affiliate Program gives you 5% of all revenue generated for the first 6 months.
  • Ability for you to become a Premium Publisher so that US and Canadian traffic will be CPC and not CPA(cost per action) like standard publisher
The bad
  • You must click on the Ads by ShoppingAds on the ads below to be my affiliate. I would had preferred a text link like this ShoppingAds. I used the URL when I hovered my mouse over it to create the link. I hope it works. ;)
  • The reports did gave me some errors(dates too old?) but by using more recent dates, it worked okay.
  • I would like an option "Since last payment" in report or see my current total earnings when I login.
  • The reports did gave me weird results. If I select CPC, I get an amount. If select CPA, I have nothing. But when I select All Earnings, I get more than CPC + CPA.
  • The earnings are not updated often. You will see: "Reports have a 2 to 3 days processing delay to ensure quality and accuracy,...".
  • I had many impression but only a few clicks. For their defense, I did not do much optimization. My Click-through rate was 0.02% to 0.46% among my 5 sites. The overall average was 0.11%.
Conclusion ShoppingAds could be better an alternative to AdSense on sites that may do product reviews which I don't. Or, if you get too many $0.03 clicks on one site, you could use it instead of AdSense. One more thing: AuctionAds was also merge with it but I could not see a difference for now. I stop using AuctionAds because I had earn $0 from it. ShoppingAds made me a few bucks so far. If I become a standard publisher(CPA), I may reconsider my position if I continue or not with it. I will give ShoppingAds a chance to prove itself and so should you!
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ShoppingAds: A new AdSense Alternative? | McGrath Dot Ca...

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