Following the recent poll(80% for new icons), I finally bought($160CDN) new icons. Many were custom made so it took longer than expected. I still added a few things in v2.6 and will need to test it a little more with Vista. In a later post, I will give more information on where I took the icons. With new icons: Main page with new icons Old icons below Old icons With 1 new way to display your media files New way to display the media Real size on the MIS Info Video page P.S. For MIS Info Video v2.6, I had to pay around $500CDN in the last month for the new icons and get Vista Home Premium(see my previous post) . This is the cost of free software for the would be freeware authors out there. So, don't be shy in asking a small donation or ask people to click on the Simtel hosting page from your own product page to download your freeware.
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