Spread the MIS specification word and win $150CDN

Following a conversation in a recent post, I decided to write a generic text for you to email your favorite consumer electronic manufacturers. You can modify it to your own needs(delete the products they don't make ;) ). Plus, I added a little something fun for you. Subject: Support the MIS specification Hi, Can you support the MIS specification(metadata text for media files) in a current or future product. I, my parents, siblings don't want to install a computer in our living room but would prefer something much easier (DVD player, Media player, portable MP3 player or digital photo display). All the technical information are included at the end. Thank you for your time Links: MIS Specification: http://www.mcgrathinfosolution.com/mis_en.htm Info2MIS (free, Create .MIS): http://www.mcgrathinfosolution.com/info2mis_en.htm MIS Info Video (free, Front End/Player): http://www.mcgrathinfosolution.com/misinfovideo_en.htm Example for movies with MIS Info Video: http://www.i2mfan.com/blue_crush_example.htm Example for TV series with MIS Info Video: http://www.i2mfan.com/tvseries_example.htm What is the MIS specification? In short: A small text file that has tags(200+) for the plot, credit, goofs and even age(parental control). The same text file can be used for a video, audio or image. See the links above for more information or example. Contest To enter the contest for a chance to win $100CAD(create a Paypal account), just reply(no registration needed) to this post. I’ll make a draw from all the commentators this Friday(May 18) and that person will win the money. You only need to comment once to enter. You can comment more than once but it will still get you only one entry. In your comment, you need to say what manufacturers you emailed. Blog bonus You get an extra $50CAD if you add me to your technorati favorites OR backlink here from your blog/site. You can add the URL in the comment No blog or site I did not forget you and you can get the $50CAD. Just email 3 manufacturers and include the email used. Nothing extra If you use a open source or freeware media player because you do have a computer in your living room, email them that I have a competition for them. Good luck! Edit 1: I will send the money via Paypal to the email you used in the comments section. Edit 2: If you don't see your comment, it may be the spam filter. Thank you Jess, I will keep an better eye on it. Edit 3: Don't put @ in the comment because it will be in the spam filter. Do it like this instead : support at test.com Edit 4: Contest if over. Please check you email and spam folders. Edit 5: Icewolf won $100CAD Comeback for other contests and spread the word
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Thanks for thinking of those with no sites :D

Awesome contest, I added your site to my Technorati favorites. :)

I added your site to my Technorati favorites. :)

I added your site as my first and only Technorati favourite. :P

Here are the manufactureres:

Guys! I got an email from Anne Lee Heidi did not work, I guest.

Here's the companies I emailed. I support this idea, so I hope they get the message.

Awesome I won this. I really hope the MIS specs come into mainstream use, I think it's really useful, so guys, even though the contest is over, keep sending out those emails, and change the way things are done.

Good for you Icewolf !


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