A few months back, I suggested to stay away from Syndicate Kahuna. I now decided to join them and I change that earlier post to reflect my new position. However, I still suggest to not use it on a flagship blog like this one.

Free and Paid

Syndicate Kahuna is free to join but you can now use the paid Premium($36.84/month(pay 1 year) or 67/month) service to be able to get backlinks too by submitting your articles to 4000+ blogs.  If you have read my recent opinion on Google Conquest($1000), you will find it will cost less to be able to use Syndicate Kahuna.  Plus, every blog has an independent owner.

Get me targeted backlinks

You won't have 4000 backlinks because each new blog need to be categorize. When you decide to post an article, you will use the best category for it for the maximum result. Also, the links will trickle over time not to raise suspicion from the Big G. You could also use it to create backlinks to one of your popular post.

I have a blog that I don't really update thus I decided to try Syndicate Kahuna on it. My goal is to have more traffic from search engines thus the need for new content. Visitors will either click on my ads/affiliates or visit the site of someone who wrote an article. In either case, I would expect more traffic and make more money from that blog.You can also limit the number of new articles on the blog.


I recently used another service to publish 1 article to 1000 blogs for $47(one time fee). Those were not targeted and they will also be trickle over time. Syndicate Kahuna Premium for $67/month is a bargain and use targeted blogs. By doing 2+ articles per month, it will lower your cost even more. Pay for the year and it's like $36.84/month.


I would suggest that people use it for 2-3 months to give time for the Big G to count the backlinks and for you to see the results.

But if you are targeting a few "non-competitive long tail keywords", I would think that 1 month would do the trick since Big G would be faster to find new results for searchers.

You could use BMD and Syndicate Kahuna Premium to have more types of backlinks. You can't have enough of those. ;)
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