If you use the affiliate script to sell a software or an ebook like I'm doing in See Free Movies Legally, then using a traffic exchange site could help you with your landing page.

What is traffic exchange anyway?

In short, you surf a site for a number of seconds and earn credits. A site can be shown 15, 20, 30 seconds. But the longer you are force to see it, the more credits you earn. If you stop before the determined time, you forfeit your credit(s) for that site. If you don't want to surf, you can always buy credits.

For example, I tried this traffic exchange site with this Australian Review affiliate program. Back then, I was a paid $0.05AUD/visitor and earned money quickly. Soon after, the method became too popular and the affiliate prohibited the use of traffic exchange sites. Now, I'm only sending normal visitors.

How to use traffic exchange?

You could test your landing page by sending traffic exchange visitors to see how they behave. Are they surfing more than 20 seconds(default)? Is it converting to any sales(I doubt it)?

How much is the traffic exchange?

The price is only $5.95 for 1000 credits. In comparison, StumbleUpon Advertising is $0.05 per visitor thus $50 for the same amount. That's for the default 20 seconds.

You could always surf for 30-35 minutes to earn at least 100 credits that would then be assigned to your landing page. Based on that smaller sample, you could continue. If lucky, you might have 1 that will buy the product, then you could buy some traffic.


Some sites are using multiple landing pages thus the same method. You will see all kind of sites but many other traffic exchange sites. You landing site might be a welcome change for some of the surfers.

For now, I'm testing it with See Free Movies Legally. I was surprise that I still had 77 credits so I surf a little more to get 100 credits.

Since it's free to register, why not use this and try it? Of course, you could use the method with other sites or a post too.

Edit 2008-08-23: It took some time to be viewed 100 times(Traffic exchange stats).  I know it works since I used it my self but I think the frame does not record well the time they stay in Google Analytics. Presuming the 100 were viewed late last night, I only see 76 visitors in GA. That's what I expected from my previous test. Awstats is showing 92.

Edit 2008-09-03: I did another bigger text and got 822 unique visitors. But I used a specific page for traffic exchange.  In GA,  I used the Top Content and saw that they stayed 5m37s on the page with a 91.41% bounce rate. The default they had to stay was 15 sec.
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