THC Offer A Hosting Plan For $95/Life!

If you want to get into blogging or start a new site, you can buy yourself a hosting plan from THC for a one time fee of just $95USD. You don't have nothing to pay after that and 1 domain is included in the price. Of course, being from Quebec, I had to pay those pesky tax. :( Yes, they are from Montreal. :D They started with 1000 packages and are now around 500 minus 1. ;) I don't how long it will last but at that price, I did not want to wait. Be Rudolf's Valentine!...he's not coming empty handed
  1. A one time fee of $ 95 US gets you free setup with no hidden charges and you never pay for hosting again - ever!
  2. Professional web hosting with 250 GB disk space, 3000 GB bandwidth
  3. 1 FREE domain for as long as you remain a THC client, included in your package
  4. Instant blogs and initial optimization - yes, we are talking about a blogger tailored solution!
  5. Unlimited MySQL databases that will allow you to create as many blogs as you want
  6. Create as many subdomains as you like on the FREE domain offered by THC
  7. Bring to Rudolf as many domains as you want.
  8. Don't worry about your data: Rudolf has got instant backups plus...
  9. ...unlimited FTP accounts
  10. ...web mail and unlimited email aliases
  11. ...unlimited custom DNS records
  12. ...FREE anti-spam protection
  13. ...instant eCommerce - CubeCart, osCommerce2, phpAdsNew, phpCoin, SugarCRM, OpenAds and ZENCart
  14. ...Web analytics reporting tool
  15. and much more!
The nice thing is that I used PayPal to pay the $95 fee. I just needed to email them the domain name I wanted(new or transfer) and I was done. For some, the $95 is a lot and I understand you. But you must think on a longer term. If you ever outgrow that package(great!) for your first blog/site, don't forget that you can create more domains($10/year) on it and use them for those instead because they would use less bandwidth. You can create many niche blogs that may pay more from Adsense. If you calculate that a decent hosting package cost around $60/year($4.95/month), then you are making your money back and then some after 19 months. If you monetize the site, you will be able to lower the overall cost before that. Also, being a real domain, the site will look more professional for advertisers instead of using a free blog hosting service. Get the THC Rudolf's Valentine offer while you can!
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