Looking for a job in Canada and want to know what are the most hottest jobs, then you can choose the 5th place(my field):
5. Computer and information systems managers The 2001 slowdown in the computer industry didn't put a dent in this field. Wage growth is still better than average, as are actual wages (almost double the national average), while the unemployment rate is well below the national average. Looking ahead: Overall, our reliance on computers at home and at work will continue to grow, meaning job security and continuous opportunities for training and growth. Fun tip: Single gals, there are more men than women in this field, so industry conferences practically guarantee your BlackBerry will be full of new e-mail addresses of eligible bachelors. Getting started: If you have experience as a programmer and a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related, field, you're in the running. Visit the government's CanLearn website for more info.
It's the Fun Tip that I found funny :D I could make a pickup line: My name is McGrath, Steve McGrath and I'm a hot programmer-analyst and ....bachelor The 10 jobs are:
  1. Financial manager
  2. Skilled tradesperson
  3. College or vocational school teacher
  4. Dentist or dental hygienist
  5. Computer and information systems managers
  6. University professor
  7. Human resource specialist or manager
  8. Pharmacist
  9. Registered nurse
  10. Retail manager
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