One way to make money online is to participate in affiliate programs. But you have 2 types of entries: Open and Close. Both methods will still have a minimum of requirements and offer some plus and minus. Open Of course, this is the most common one(Money4Banners, AlertPay) and most will start with that method. Plus
  • Easier to get
  • Not upfront cost involved
  • Much more competition
  • No experience with the product in most case
Close This is the least popular method. I use that method to sell 1 Cool File Blog packages. I'm also using 1 Shopping Cart for managing my affiliate program. Plus
  • Less competition
  • Can be sold from the actual experience with the product or service
  • Automatically in if you buy the product
  • May get higher commission/service(like mine) depending on the price paid from the start.
  • Must buy a product to get in
Conclusion Both methods are good ways to make money but people don't often think of using closed affiliate programs to their advantage. Of course, it should be related to the site or blogs. ;) Now that I have my own affiliate program, I look for that first after a purchase.
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