Last week, I gave away more than $800 in prizes to promote 1 Cool File. The first contest was held on my blog with a $500 main prize. The result was disappointing and it failed to increase the number of bloggers on my blog directory thus adding affiliates. I'm now sure that some taught it was another scam. The winner was happy to have less competition on that one. He also bought a Blog Buffet to increased it's chances and it paid off. The second was held on ProBlogger's blog with a $300 prize but was part of too many prizes. Even Darren mentioned it here. I had a lot more traffic during that period from his blog but it did not convert at all. I hope that the other sponsors did better than me. My faith in big money contest is very low for now. But, if I were to do another one, I would make it an exclusive with a top blogger with a lot of traffic. That's why I made a promotion instead(vote on the sidebar). This will earn me some money while giving part of it to a few lucky ones at the same time. It's a win-win situation for both. Plus, they will be affiliate thus still make money. I'm also looking in other ways to make it permanent. P.S. I'm serious about 1 Cool File and it's only part of the money I invested so far.
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