Now that many got their new PageRank in the toolbar, it's time to look at the results. I still got a few data centers that were not updated but most are. Until then, it's still not official and Google my reserve us a surprise. My sites/blogs 1 Cool File is now PR6: The site was started at the end of July and so it went from 0 to 6. I'm happy about it because it is growing each day. The traffic is also increasing but not had fast that I would like. ;) McGrath Dot Ca is now PR5: Under the old url( it was a PR3. Usually, it should had taken a few weeks to get the old PR but this PageRank update was longer and different so it may had caused the delay. Because of that, my PR was 0 since mid August when I moved the blog here. McGrath Info Solution is now PR4: It was previously a 3. I did do a few contest to promote the MIS specification , Info2MIS and MIS Info Video. The main page is now in English and not a language(En,Fr) selecting page. MISfan is now PR4: The blog went from 0 to 4. For a few days, it was home in June to this blog. I finally decided to convert it to a news blog for fan of the MIS specification , Info2MIS and MIS Info Video. is now PR4: The blog already had a PR1(was a site) but I decided to convert it to blog. I started to updated it more often. My adult blog is now PR4: The blog went from 0 to 4 and was started at the end of June. It was submitted to a few adult blog directory. It's a niche blog(funny adult toons only). I also tested with it how to be indexed in Google in a few days. It's also updated 5 days a week. I2MFan is now PR3: It was previously a 2. The subdomain of the old blog was a 3. Not much going on and not updated very often. Cash 4 Beginners is now PR3: The site went from 0 to 3 and was started at the end of August. The Contest Winner is now PR2: The blog went from 0 to 2 and was started in mid July. It's updated when I have a request to add a contest. Selling of text link ads Looking at those PR numbers, many sites in the list should make me more money. But with the recent crack down on paid text links, I will sadly not make more money because I will use the nofollow tag when selling advertisement. I don't want to loose my ranking. Only a fool...

would buy a text link only for the PR now. Why? Google slapped hard those that did sell them thus reducing the PR and value of those links. If a site is less popular but with an high PR, those may be less watched and could still be a good buy. Then again, they could be in a second wave. But, the site owner can't warrant to keep the PR and so, it will be a gamble for both. Most may want to keep their high PR or they will ask more for the risk.

So, what is the point of a PageRank? With the PR6 of 1 Cool File, I will be more and more on the first page of Google. So, if someone is searching for a file or type of blog, they will often land on one of my page. From there, they could go to the software or blog. So, it's that indirect effect that should be looked at. Buying a blog package and/or advertising on my site will give you that added exposure.

Another way?

The other way would be buying reviews on blogs. It does not mean to cut and paste the same article but to get original reviews. The main advantage is that you will get a real feedback. It will be harder for Google to detect and will be more appreciated by the readers thus creating traffic for a day or 2 for the advertiser. But you may have to pay a little more for the work involved for a lesser PR.

The Blog Directory on 1 Cool File is one place to find blogs. I created that category to get blogs that would offer reviews directly to advertisers. It was not meant as a blog directory only.

Conclusion Of course, they are other ways to get paid links that will pass PR juice. Traffic and exposure is now the main goal of paid text links. If you sell a product or service, it's the conversion rate that will be more important to you. Passing PR juice will no longer be a side effect with the nofollow tag. Plus, they may prolong the interval between updates thus costing more to keep a dofollow PR alive. The coming months will tell us if they crack down again or not on paid text links. Do you buy a link now for the PR Juice, traffic or serp?
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