Yes, I decided that the time had come to move the blog to it's own domain name. I will take a major "hit" in my rankings but it would be better on the long run. It will a take a few days but the name will be shorter and easier to remember than going via a subdomain like I'm doing now. I will be able to merge and the blog into 1 eventually with the new domain.  I may be using the same database or create a new one and look at redirecting current traffic(site and blog) to the new one. Haaaa, the pleasures of moving ;)

Tip: When creating a domain in your host package(3 free domain included), create it in a subfolder from the start. I made that mistake when I took over it in December 2006.  It's much cleaner that way and better when you add other domains or subdomains.


Thank you for visiting me and will see you later :D


Please, don't leave comments about viralink, viraltags.... because I won't do them.
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