The Downfall of HD-DVD(Funny Video) Il benvenuto ed ha una risata The Downfall is a serious movie of the last days of Hitler in his bunker. I remembered that scene very well. Now, you can see a version about the Downfall of HD-DVD while reading the subtitles. I was laughing when I saw it and decided to post it here. Blu-Ray fan will find it funny. :D The original video was deleted video(Almost 500 000 views last I saw it). On this one, the quality is less but still readable. Enjoy while you can :D If you have a Blu-Ray player or HD-DVD player, then just rent movies online! At least do that if it's a HD-DVD.
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The Downfall of HD-DVD(Funny Video) | McGrath Dot Ca...

[...] about the HD format war(Blu-Ray and HD-DVD). My most popular post was the funny video about the Downfall of HD-DVD. Hey! Everyone like to laugh [...]

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[...] year, I posted the video The Downfall of HD-DVD during HD-DVD/Blu-Ray war. This time, it's about Twitter being down. So, look past the Hitler theme [...]

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