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For the last few days, I'm doing the boring task of "assembling" all my papers(digital mostly but printing them) for my 2007 income taxes. I do take a minute or two to read my emails, feeds and more time to check files that were added on 1 Cool File. Drive to make money online While checking my feed today from Blogger Unleashed, I viewed a video made by Vic. Vic may come across as a mean guy but to understand what drive him to make money online and the way he his, you must go watch the video. It's is 22 minutes and 12 seconds of real Vic. I made this post because of this video and of below. Contests Some of you know that I sponsor contest using 1 Cool File and I now have a few contest running at the moment. I will be using the feedback from those to improve the site later on. I heard the critic(negative on a particular part) about my site and they confirmed what I thought I should priorities. I'm in the process of doing something about it. Anyway, one of the blogger that I'm sponsoring minimized the importance of directories in general and link building. My problem is that some of the comments left by participants, thus readers, went the same way too and that started to get me a little mad. Not Vic Mad but mad none the less. Why, tell me why!!!! It's simple: the blogger is costing money to his readers and that's from a make money online blog. Hmmm! I wonder when I heard that before. From reader to doer To get some of you started, I created a free ebook that I published last week. The basis of it will give you that little push to become a doer and start making money online if you really want to. It's simple really but you must take the first step. Conclusion I did not make the grand total but I invested a lot of money in promoting 1 Cool File and my other sites/blogs in 2007. But if you use what I show you in my free ebook, you will save yourself more money by just using those optional tools. I learned it the hard way but you don't have too! I will now go back to my boring task. P.S. I push "Publish" while I wanted to "save" it. That's why some of you got the first draft/paragraph. I'm sorry.
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