Yes, it's nice to have another popular McGrath. I was watching the show Merlin a few years back when I saw that one of the actrices was named Katie McGrath. She is a beautiful young lady plus, of course, a McGrath. ;)

Just for fun, I wanted to know the McGrath searches being done on Google and found that her name was #1. At first I did not remember her name so I used Google and saw that she was indeed in the show Merlin. I saw season 1 but being in Internet Marketing and passing less  time in front of the TV, I missed season 2. Season 3 is expected to start next September.

Also the wife of JJ Abram is also named Katie McGrath.

Anyway, here are photo's of Katie McGrath and DVD's season after:

[phpbay]Katie McGrath[/phpbay]

The DVD version of Merlin.

[phpbay]Merlin Season, 10, , sandstorms  sandstorm x-files  snugpack[/phpbay]
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