Fellow blogger Court let me know that the Google PageRank update has finally started. The numbers look very very good for most of my sites/blogs. It's mostly an ego boost for me considering the hard work I put in them. It's my first PageRank and hope the numbers stays at those expected level. I will be able to raise advertising price soon for 1 Cool File(PR6?). ;) But buy traffic and not PR because I will put a nofollow on them anyway. ;) Those are the datacenters checkers I'm using for 1 Cool File. Just replace them with your own domain. Dig Pagerank in 700+ datacenters Validrank Page Rank Checker Tool - Valid Rank iwebtool PageRank Checker rankalert Showing Pagerank for www.1coolfile.com across 155 Datacenters Smart PageRank - Multi Datacenter Page Rank Good work to all and happy updating :D
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