The Truth About HD Streaming Or Downloads

The first post I did on this blog was: Blu-ray/HD-DVD vs downloading or streaming movies?. At that time the war between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD was just starting. I still believe what I wrote back then about the trouble of going medialess.


Recently,  Warner decided to go with Blu-Ray, I can say that the war is almost over but Toshiba don't accept it yet as Universal and Paramount. Since, I participated in many interesting discussions on the many forums and blogs. Many commented that they were sitting this war out and will turn to streaming or downloading movies or shows in HD. I always replied that it will open a whole new can of worms. You may read my original post about that. Best quality? Another downside is that the quality will be much lower than Blu-Ray(winner). I'm not the only one to say so and you should read: ZDNet: HD Downloads Not Really HD Many cable/satellite subscribers complain that they are receiving HD Light signal because of the over compression(mpg2 and mpg4) of the HD signal with their services. And you want a lesser quality product via the Internet? Conclusion It's still your choice but consider to go with Blu-Ray(70% of HD market) instead if you want to watch real movies in real HD. Buying into HD-DVD will only prolong the war that nobody wanted in the first place. You can still rent HD movies if you want to go online or don't want to buy them. ;)
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