The Weak 2008 Super Bowl HD-DVD Ad

I finally was able to see the Super Bowl HD-DVD ad. Most Canadian can't see all the original ads and some are replaced by local Canadian ads. Yes, it's a stupid decision from the CRTC(it's the Canadian FCC) for an event that is watched for the ads. I realized that it was a last minute ditch effort to sell the remaining HD-DVD players in stock but this was very weak for a Super Bowl ad. The "official" goal was to give HD-DVD a "major boost" but this ad won't do it in an event like the Super Bowl. Toshiba paid 2.7 Millions for an ordinary ad. Yes, some may be curious until they found out they can't play many movies. Blu-Ray was also wrong after seeing that ad. They should had run an ordinary ad too. They would had raised awareness for half the cost. A last minute spot was open but did not take it. Or Sony could also had sold the PS3 by mentioning that it plays Blu-Ray movies, games(football) and upconvert DVDs. That would had counter the HD-DVD ad. But, I wonder what will be the NDP numbers for the week 2 weeks.


If you have a Blu-Ray player or HD-DVD player, then just rent movies online! At least, do that if you go buy an HD-DVD player after seeing the Super Bowl.
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