The winners of the 1 Cool File contest are...

Like many, I was surprise that the Google PageRank update was not done in August. But it also means that it's $100CAD for the first prize. Now, the contest winners of 1 Cool File are: First Prize of $100CAD: Anton Olsen with his blog Link Right 2 for that post Second Prize $25CAD: Vincent Chow for registering on 1 Cool File Third Prize $25CAD: Nobody reported errors. That's nice to know :) Congrats to all winners and thank you for all that participated With that money, even after the exchange rate, they could add their blogs on the Blog Directory of 1 Cool File ;) Before anyone does that, wait for the next  day or 2 unless you purchase the Blog Buffet($11.50). I smell another contest coming soon! Note: With my recent change of domain, I lost a few backlink to this contest. So, those that I could not reached, please update your post to point to this new domain. Thank you.
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Congrats to winners!

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[...] I added this  in case people think I will do an “Ashwin”. It’s not my first contest and the last one was for $125. So, I do pay the winners and this time, it’s much [...]


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