Think Outside Of The Box

My sister sent me this story and the link to the video. I had to translate it from French. This is for those that say: I can't but should think outside of the box.

The Story

A son asked his father: Dad, would you do a marathon with me? The father, having a heart condition, replied: Yes They completed the marathon together and many more after that with the father always accepting his son requests. One day, the son ask his father: Dad, could we do an Ironman together? And the father, again, said yes. For those that don't know, an Ironman is the toughest triathlon on Earth. This a race with 3 competitions in one single event: swimming race at sea for 2.4 miles(3.86 kilometers), bicycle race of 112 miles (180.2 kilometres) and finally, a race on foot of 23.23 miles (42.195 Kilometers) on the coast of Big Island. The father and the son did the race together. The video is 4m36. Now, think outside of the box. It's been viewed over 6 millions time since last year. Maybe you saw it before but it's always a good reminder to think outside of the box. When I saw the title of the video, I thought of a weapon in a video game. I was thinking incorrectly of Doom but it was Unreal Tournament(my bad). It's been a while since I played UT but should had remember that. You have YouTube, PornTube and GodTube(new to me). Like social sites, video sites are getting more and more targeted. Don't bother to check for blogtube or bloggertube. They are already taken but unused so far.
Keywords: Doom, father, Inspirational, Ironman, Passion, Redeemer, relation, son, triathlon, Unreal Tournament, video


Hehe, my dad sent that to me. It's really powerful. Probably the most inspirational video I've seen.


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