Rob who made the MSB eBay plugin recently launch a plugin for WP with a few friends. I which them great success with it.

This new plugin allow you to have a page be rewritten thus creating new content for your blog and thus bypassing the duplicate content penalty. This is great to bring traffic to you niche sites. Since I'm moving away from WP to MyStarterBlog, I did not bought it but some of you might want to look at the video.

The second product is a fast niche site creator working with no MySQL backend. This one, I did bought it. I had a chance to use  for the last week and boy! does it make it simple to create niche sites in a few minutes. I'm using $1 .info for now thus lowering my cost. The official launch is in 1 day but take a look now at the video. It support eBay, Amazon and Chitika ads. For each site, you only use one method only.  I can create multiple sites per hour. However, it will be selling for 14 days only. After that, it's bye! bye! bye! no more. :(  If you are strap for money, I would bye that one first and then the other later with the money you will make. ;)

The default theme is simple and it's not meant to be a competition with MyStarterBlog. The goals are different and both works.

The other product is for creating sales pages and giving you tips on how to do that.

I believe in the diversification of income streams and this one goes into my overall method to make money online.

Like I said, it cost nothing to watch the videos.
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