Tip: Doing reviews, create an About page with an email on your blog

Yes, this is a simple page to write and please,  also include an email address. Your readers may want to know more about you, blog, work backgrounds... but don't write your life story. ;) Also, an advertiser may want to contact you about making a review or correct facts about a review(paid or unpaid). I know, because I ordered a few reviews in the last weeks. I contacted some about small mistakes and to mentioned that I like the review but others, I could not. I did not want to leave a comment in the post. Why, you ask? Another advertiser may look at the comments of older reviews and see that you often make mistakes that were not corrected. Those could be simple(typos) or worst(misinterpreted facts) thus very harmful to the advertiser.  In the long run, you will loose the trust of advertisers(paid) and readers.
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[...] Require publishers to have contact information(email) on the sites. It may use to correct small errors/facts. I did it before. [...]

[...] I already mentioned in another post, the reader should be able to contact a blogger without using the comment area but said reader [...]

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[...] I once had reviews done but had trouble contacting the blog owner to correct [...]

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