Tip: Leaving a relevant comment in the good post

This tip is mostly for new commenter's. Something that most bloggers don't like is when a comment is not about the actual post. Yes, this include spam but also comments that don't belong. For example, someone wrote about adding his blog in my ViralTag/ViraLink post in a PS3 post or commented 1 line about the post but the rest(6 lines) was borderline spam. In the case of the ViralTag/ViraLink, I added them because I was in their Viral post but I deleted the comment. I will sometimes email them about it if I have the time. And now, I will have this post for them. :D I'm not strict and I can understand 1 irrelevant line out of 6. That line could be a subject for another future post. ;) As I already mentioned in another post, the reader should be able to contact a blogger without using the comment area but said reader should also check the About page or Contact form first or better yet, do a search for the proper post. Conclusion Readers: Stay on focus when writing comments Bloggers: Let you readers contact you The comment area is easy to access on most blogs but should be use with some respect. This simple thing would greatly improve any blogs.
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That is true :D

Don't forget how annoying unrelated comments are for everyone who has subscribed to followup comments.

[...] was reading a post on Steve’s Tech Blog about leaving relevant comments, which reminded me of “One Man”, who is a frequent commentator over at [...]

[...] Simple: the person did not focus at all on the subject of that particular post. Also, 2 post below it, I made the following post: Tip: Leaving a relevant comment in the good post. [...]

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