If you don't know already, Microsoft ceased updating Windows 98 in July 2006. But you can still update you Windows 98 with the existing patch. So, recently, I had to do a clean install on a computer. No trouble, I had "ghosted" it a few years back. I "un-ghost" the image and restarted the computer. A few minutes later, it was all loaded. I open Internet Explorer then went to Windows Update. I was greeted by a message similar to this: This webpage is designed for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. For Macintosh support please go to http://www.microsoft.com/mac. Funny but I found a few hints here and there until I finally found my answer. In my case, I had to close Internet Explorer. It seems that 2 instances was too much. Once closed, I went to it via the Start menu. It work! It could be the same with Window ME.
Keywords: Internet, Software, Technology, Windows 98